We are heading towards the time when we have reduced use of emailing anymore in our online social communication. We are relying almost entirely on Twitter, Facebook for email, chat, image and even video sharing. If we scrutinize the evolving trends and utilities, Twitter and Facebook are simply communication tools but with different flairs.

As we can clearly see from the studies that other social media collectively leaves emailing far behind. If we talk about twitter I have a very big doubt that the person whom I do not know very well will hardly be interested in knowing that what I am doing in the another corner of the world. All of us, while using Twitter, be likely to use it to post useless updates like “Having Lunch”, thinking of it as a another tool to communicate with friends, when in fact, it is more like a platform where you are communicating with an audience and need to say something informative and innovative. People refer to twitter as a Micro Blogging platform but I personally hate over-emphasis on follower counts to build so called authority.

The usefulness of Twitter is not readily as obvious to some people as Facebook; although it may be more addictive once you start Tweeting. Facebook is a social networking Portal which is more difficult to navigate and update to communicate within your circle. It can be very addicting to people who have a intense desire to stay connected with friends. In fact, some people report they most people can very quickly clutch how to use Facebook to connect to friends and family, using it to share thoughts, images, etc.

When you go to attend some function where lots of people already know each other, the communication here will be just like using Facebook. In this kind of environment, people tend to feel easy. Conversations are familiar and center on shared experiences and connections. Now, when you go to a larger social event where you don’t know most of the people, you will use a very different style of communication, more like of Twitter; you want to meet people and somehow make yourself known, stand out from the crowd, make an impression, self promote and make new connections. Twitter is like getting the stage and not everyone feels happy or knows how to stand comfortably in the spotlight.

The liveliness of Twitter seems quite exciting when you get more immediate responses. It has got value in case you have something to promote as it encourages you to share information updates or just let others know what you’re up to at any given point of time. Twitter encourages constant linking to anywhere and, in that respect, is analogous to find people and content all over the Net just like a search engine. Twitter is useful tool amongst bloggers and online marketers.

So finally our questions seems to remain unanswered.

Twitter or Facebook?

Both communication tools will continue to evolve as users find new ways to extract value and either network may or may become a long term winner in the rapidly evolving social networking space. Ultimately, the fact remains to be seen whether either application has a profitable, scalable and sustainable business model or whether the exit strategy is simply to be acquired. It seems that eventually merger of both will succeed so Why not use the both?

This blog is contributed by Rohit S

Rohit works as Creative Director at Value Creation. He is an internet enthusiast & has passion for aesthetics. He helps brands get better results from their websites. He has been associated with internet technologies from last 17 years.