Almost daily we hear a story where Social Media has a vital role to play in. Now its a nice idea to have much more information on Twitter from the high tech corporate house environment to the wide spreaded farms. Yes now farmer’s like Steve are using social media tools like Twitter from their tractors to bridge the urban-rural divide and get us thinking more about where our crops are grown.

Steve Tucker is a wheat farmer in Nebraska changing the way we interact with the folks who are in farms. His internet connection goes wireless about 50 miles before it gets to the main internet link. He extends his gratitude to CNN for being interviewed for this on his blog.

The idea of extending the Twitter network into interesting locations around the world via mobile devices is at the core of our thinking and Steve sums it up well when he says, “I can be in the most remote place and just with the power of having a BlackBerry … I can communicate with anybody at anytime about anything.”

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