FIght back for rape

In conservative and largely patriarchal India, women face harassement a barrage of threats ranging from forced marriage and dowry murders to human trafficking, domestic violence, “honor killings” and abduction as well as sexual harassment and rape. New Delhi, will soon be able to fight off potential attackers with a push of a phone button that will alert not only friends, family and police but also sound an alarm on their social networking websites.

The phone app “Fight Back” will be launched in November by a local charity and will function as an SOS alert device sending out a text message with a GPS location to up to five people, including police, and as a post on Facebook and Twitter. It is an initiative by New Delhi based charity Whypoll and is Asia’s first phone application aimed at making women safer.

It is scheduled to be launched in November this year and will be available from the Whypoll website at a small price. The SOS messages sent out in the form of text messages will be charged as per the user’s tariff plan.

Source : Reuters

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