Is it possible in today’s world of social media to more effectively raise money and create awareness for a cause online versus traditional methods? Clark from Atlanta will find out…

Sounds good, “What better challenge for a guy who never shuts up than to not talk for a month” He has planned out to communicate in May solely via social media channels in all conversations between friends, coworkers and even with his wife.

Silent Clark’s Goals:

  1. To raise $100,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and create awareness about the disease.
  2. To see if is feasible to get through an entire month successfully without changing any social, leisure and professional habits.
  3. To see what situations work and don’t work for Social Media.
  4. To see how not talking affects my life.

Rules of the Game:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flikr, Google Chat are allowed
Email, talking, Writing, text messaging and use of sign language are not allowed.

As per clark, the idea for this experiment came to him while thinking back to the Team in Training Century Ride I did in 2006 where he raised money in honor of his mother, Ruth Harris, who suffered from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). He raised more than $6,500 for LLS using mainly a direct mail campaign. After his mother’s 10 year battle with cancer ended on February 14th of last year, He has been looking for a bigger challenge to accomplish.

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