Regarding our SEO services
Can I change my seo plan after sign-up?

Yes, you can any time downgrade or upgrade your seo plan. You just need to email us.

Can I have custom seo packages?

Yes, we also offer custom seo plans as well. Get in touch so that to brief your requirements.

How to make payments?

To make it simple and easy for our clients we accept payment through various options, i.e. PayPal, Credit Card and Bank transfers.

What is the billing/payment schedule?

You need to pay the bills monthly. The Invoice will be generated in the beginning of the Service Month and you need to pay with in a week time.

What is the least contract period for SEO campaign?

SEO campaign contract period is at least 6 months as generally it takes around 5-6 months to achieve better ranking on competitive keywords or to have a significant targeted traffic on the website.

Do you offer bulk discounts for multiple sites or projects?

Yes, we do. You may get in touch with us for more details.

Do you pay discount for advance payment for the entire 6 month contract?

Yes, we offer up to 15% discount depending upon which seo plan you have sign up.

It seems that my website has been penalized. Can you help improve its rankings?

Certainly! Please contact us immediately to help you regain website ranking after being penalized.

Do the SEO Packages include only optimization of existing content on websites or you also do content creation?

We go both ways, depending upon the SEO Package you. We also offer copywriting services.

How long it will take to see the first results?

This purely depends upon seo plan you choose and the initial state of the website. We will define deliverables and milestones when we send you offer for our seo package which will clarify when to expect which results.

Will I have to pay if there are no expected results?

You may withdraw your seo package at any time if you are not satisfied with our services. We do not guarantee miraculous immediate rankings however, deliverables and milestones based on thorough analysis are guaranteed. We will make clear upfront what all we can and can’t achieve.

What kind of guarantee we can expect from you?

For each of our packages we define clear deliverables i.e. volume of work to be done & milestones. We promise to follow only white hat seo techniques and work sincerely to meet set milestones.

What differentiates your service from other service providers?

We are an honest, knowledgeable and process focused SEO Company, we offers value to your brand through best SEO services at reasonable price.

What is your holistic approach to work for my project?

We believe in applying strategic and scientific approach to achieve the desired results in SEO. We set an achievable objective/goal, make a complete strategy to achieve that, use best tools & techniques and pursue the strategy comprehensively. In case we find something not working well in the process, we just rethink and find better way out to meet the goals.

How do you charge for your services?

Our SEO pricing proposal is quite simple. There are many SEO packages our various services. Just click on Rates and then the Service, you are looking for. Make your choice as per your requirements. We can also offer you customized package. Contact us for more details.

What are the terms and conditions of the contract?

Clients are above everything for us. We do our level best efforts to make their experience with us outstanding. We want to do this from the very initial stage when we have to sign the contract. We make the terms and conditions of the contract very genuine that protect the rights of both clients and ours.

What if I have more questions?

We would love to answer your queries. Contact us through email or leave your question in the query form.

Still have unanswered question?

Send them right away!