Flocking.me is a Twitter tool in which you can search your friends tweets and trends from current days tweets, also popular topics among your friends, even you search tweets on a interactive map, your friends tweets, search able, on a map making them hard to miss.

It made specifically for searching through your friends’ tweets. In addition, you can also view trending topics from just your friends as well. This is a feature I really enjoy because it seems like lately the Twitter trends are polluted with irrelevant topics. Configuring Flocking.me account is quite easy for this you have to share your twitter account password with it.

There is a search bar where you have to enter a keyword. Search results can also be viewed in time line, grid and map form. Results are displayed only from users those you are following. Along with this you may find here the trending topics.

With Flocking.me, trends are displayed across the top of the page. The time line is not updated in real-time but you will see a notification up top letting you know when there are new tweets, and how many there are. Finding the friends tweets along with their geographic location on Google Map is cool indeed.

This blog is contributed by Rohit S

Rohit works as Creative Director at Value Creation. He is an internet enthusiast & has passion for aesthetics. He helps brands get better results from their websites. He has been associated with internet technologies from last 17 years.