Networking on internet is popular as it allows us to crowd source with thousands of people, as twitter is coming up in big way all of us have seen how addictive any website can be. Twitter is becoming a considerable stream, flowing untamed. This nano-blogging service is great way for building relationships with those who are into it. This emerging technology allows you in cool way to attempt to connect to a community that you may not meet physically to advertise about you. I trust it is more of induced fashion at right time than utility because in micro blogging Jaiku was even offering the same.

In this Micro blogging everyone is capable of doing it as it is far easier and takes much less time to craft 140 character maximum updates than write a whole blog post.

Why should I follow someone on Twitter? The general tendency seems who do I follow and how do I get followers myself? It is a way of building up followers and feeling proud. Over time, if you post regularly, you will notice that you are getting more and more followers that find you first, which is always nice for a shy person. There are certainly many updates which I really do not bother the only way to eliminate this clutter is to follow less people, another thing which sucks like I got invited and the invite wanted me to sign up in his website.

I simply believe to use twitter Profile to promote myself just like my Visiting card. Recently I was overwhelmed by the response I found by using this tool. I published my eBook on the internet and within a short span of time it reached more than hundred people whom I do not know. This was the impact of re-tweets by quality followers. Your quality followers may not always be the ones who are subscribing to your blog. Besides the fact that their followers will see their replies to you, they will also be re-tweeting you. If your post is really good they will be helping you spread the word about a recent post. Juice remains in to try to check the opinion with your followers unless and until your account is not hacked by someone.

These days the list of Social Networking Websites is getting longer. It determines something about you by analyzing the kind of people you follow and who are the people following you? It i surprising that Asians are quite ahead in the usage of Social Networking tools.

This blog is contributed by Rohit S

Rohit works as Creative Director at Value Creation. He is an internet enthusiast & has passion for aesthetics. He helps brands get better results from their websites. He has been associated with internet technologies from last 17 years.