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The Challenge

Shimla Walks is a traveling website that organize Walking Tours in the Himalayan foothills. Main challenges were graphically representation of each itineraries, design navigation, organizing content.

The Solution

We design and organize all the itineraries information with easy navigation and content management. The problem of graphical view of itineraries solve by easy route map in each page.


Shimla walks arrange tour of Himalayas from the different places, it’s not just about travel but they also offer activities like Painting, Yoga, Trekking, Cycling etc.
Shimla walks arranges many tour so it’s quit difficult to navigate all the tour in such a way that makes easy to get all the information regarding tour , activities, map location etc. to the visitors, so that they can find all info easily. We make everything cool to the visitor including easy navigation, user friendly, quick access, content management.

As this project is associated with traveling so maximum of people book their tours by using their portable devices like tablet, mobile, so it become essential to us make this project responsive.

We also overcome all the responsive issue like slow load times, Poor navigation, Poor user interface and make this project user friendly and compatible with all devices.


Client Shimlawalks
Date 5.10.2014
Skills Branding, Web Design

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