Increasing popularity of social networks is changing the way the world thinks about blogging. As one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms, WordPress has made the realization that the distinction between short form and longer form blog posts is disappearing.

WordPress is working to improve on the services they offer to the free WordPress hosting site. They have come up with an useful feature – posting and reading via Twitter API.
The new feature is supposed to work with mobile Twitter applications which use the Twitter API. Of course, it was tested on an iPhone application, particularly Tweetie 2.0. But the feature should work on any third party app that allows you to set a custom API URL.

To enable posting and reading to your blog via Tweetie 2.0, you need to add your WordPress account to Tweetie just like you are adding another Twitter account. To make it work, you need to add to the API Root field before adding the account. Once your information is verified by Tweetie 2., you can then start posting to your blog using your iPhone’s Tweetie 2.

As per Matt one of the coolest things about Twitter right now is the client applications, particularly the mobile/iPhone ones. I use Tweetie 2 on my iPhone every day. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get all your blog subscriptions and post to your blog from apps like Tweetie?

Tweetie 2’s new software will make this setup very easy. To integrate your WordPress account, you will have to enter your account information to Tweetie’s settings. Then you will have the option of updating to both your Twitter and blog or just your Twitter.

Configuring WordPress functionality in applications that allow custom API URLs is as simple as adding a new account, entering your WordPress login credentials, and inputing Twitter API.

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