Own Your Space – Keeping Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online is a facebook secuirty guide. It tell about empowering you to Own Your Space and to understand what Facebook is doing to make the site safe and secure and to take the actions that are needed in this new digital world to protect yourself and your account.

While the focus of this guide is on Facebook, the lessons here apply to every site you visit online. Throughout the guide, we will highlight the unique tools that Facebook provides so that you can harness your power by protecting your account, using advanced security settings, recovering a hacked Facebook account, and stopping fraudsters.

  • What can you do to protect your Facebook account when accessing it in public?
  • What should you do if someone hijacks your Facebook account?
  • How you can use Facebook’s advanced security settings to protect yourself?
  • How can you help in keeping you and your friends safe and secure while online?

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This blog is contributed by Rohit S

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