Just like a blogger has the right to create the content as he perceives it, the reader reserves the right to share it. Asking people to like or retweet your link or simply linking it is an ugly practice.

It may get you clicks or back links but this practice somewhere repels the reader away. It is a way of making them alert of your content. If you have shared something really interesting on social media, I will naturally want to share it with my followers. If you have to ask for it then it becomes fishy.

It is even un acceptable especially if you’re just starting to build links for a relatively new blog or website, this can be a valuable way to get the word out especially in your close circle, about what you’re producing. Instead of asking someone to simply “Please RT” whom you never bothered to build relationship, is criminal, it should be a hint in a DM saying,

I need your help in getting the word out but I am not sure whether it will be likeable by your followers, please have a look and suggest.

Sharing a link is OK but how can you ask someone to share it further.  It’s alarming when begging like this simply becomes a part of your habit. It indicates that you haven’t explored the magic of the peer-driven, social aspect of the web. I never ask for such favours because in my view, I want people to find my blog posts and want to write about them because they meet a individual’s personal need. I don’t believe in “shouting a loud” about a blog I’ve posted. I like them to be discovered not because they were not naturally found but simply thrown in in front of someone.

I’d love to keep the link safely in my blog archives until some search engine digs it down. One another important thing here is some bloggers has a tendency to republish their older posts. It means that these duplicate posts remain twice or more times in their archives. Instead of reposting your post you could either submit the link of same older post into social media or you can make it sticky so that it floats up to your home page. Creating a duplicate entry of your content is not appreciated by search engines.

Though I do not want to distress anyone, but I know it can, forcing people for likes and practising link begging is truly in bad taste, and if you do so and you’re likely to be unfollowed.

Can you please RT this post just because I am saying it?

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This blog is contributed by Rohit S

Rohit works as Creative Director at Value Creation. He is an internet enthusiast & has passion for aesthetics. He helps brands get better results from their websites. He has been associated with internet technologies from last 17 years.