Slow load times

Due to the additional coding, loading time is sometimes more and it is one of the important deficiencies of web designing.



While most pages will look right on the big screen, some of your pages can not be displayed properly according to the mobile device. This indicates that you are out of touch with your users. If you see that your website receives appropriate traffic from mobile devices, then you should consider updating your user interface.


Poor Navigation

The smaller the device, the less screen space you have to work with. It can make complex navigation difficult to install in an intuitive and comprehensive way.


Shopping Carts Difficult To Use

A constant cart icon in your header is a wonderful weapon with which this end can be obtained. You can locate the number of items in the cart and always remove it one click. This is because customers can be assured of quick access to the checkout page even when they are ready to open their wallet. This is a very common strategy that can be seen on e-commerce sites.

Super Flexible

Responsive web design sites are flexible, which means that the content runs smoothly across all screen resolutions and all devices.

Very Easy to manage

Responsive website means that you do not have to have many websites for every mobile device, which means that there was no need for less maintenance nor you need to update the content on different websites.

Cost Effective

Compared to the needs of all devices compared to two different websites, the benefits of keeping a site are important. The cost of a website is less than two, and savings can be sufficient. Fully designed sites for mobile device traffic do not offer advanced navigation techniques found in traditional websites, and they also require the user to maintain two separate web addresses for your site.

Excellent User Experience

A user experience that enables viewers to access any website at any time through their likes and preference tools, anytime. Thus, responsive web design, a desktop computer, is about providing the optimum user experience, using a smartphone, responsive web design adjusts to busy professionals during the day, and the wider awake college student is on any of your site Time also requires access. There is no scroll or resizing required for any visitors to access your website from your favorite device.

Why Responsiveness

Today, not having a responsive website is considered poor customer service and turns off customers. It’s bad enough losing new business- you don’t want to lose your valued customers, too! On top of that, 67% of people say they are more likely to make a purchase from a responsive website. This is the high quality traffic you need to succeed, and without a responsive website statistics show that that business is going to your competition.

What Google Say

In April of 2015 Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would rank higher than those not optimized for mobile on their search engine results pages (SERPs) when the search was performed on a mobile device. Mobilegeddon, as it became known, shook up the search industry as companies clamored to make their websites mobile-friendly so they wouldn’t lose ranking to their competitors. Many websites are still out of the game.