May be this will sound absurd, but Online Chatting have never appealed me. To be more specific, I am pointing out the chatting done for fun sake or to kill the time. Online Social Networking which is already gaining a serious footing have definitely some pros and cons, if you are desperately using Twitter or any other social networking site to gain authority then it is the time to reckon. Your constant blathering has to be a sign of some sort of neurosis. I hope you don’t want to be one of those suffering from the increasing fever which I funnily referred as “The TwitterPox”.

What are you doing? I don’t get on Twitter because I care what people are doing but this tiny little blog post may be very informative some time from some useful resource of my interest . I trust the best strategies for using Social N/W are surely coming up but so far most successful brands are pursuing a couple of simple strategies. Social media does not offer instant results; it may or may not add value with passing time.

It doesn’t matter at all if you use Twitter or not. Sooner or later, you will wonder when you find your major audiences are on some social networking user platform.

We’re witnessing a great increase in followers and users. I have found that texting has become more commonplace than calling. We’re rapidly turning into a world that communicates primarily this way, so I presume we’ll have to figure out how to deal with it. Maybe we are in a phase of learning that will remind us that we are also living in an offline world and this is still the real world. I have experienced of behaviour with less patience anonymous personal attacks. The trouble lies with this kind of communication in cyberspace detaches human contact and its garbling of intimacy and anonymity, and the lack of normal restraints and etiquette that usually are governed in face-to-face relation.

For me the bottom line remains as a professional, are you working hard for acquiring new skills, Is social networking increasing you productivity or simply eating your time. May be we struggle against the pressure of our daily routine to Tweet our life away and to end it. It may reduce effects of work stress, but sitting for long sessions may harm your health more than smoking.

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Just stumbled across this funny video on Twitter.

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