All of us are aware that the web links are the indicators which are used in order to sort the results on the internet search. By looking at the links between pages, we can get a sense of which pages are regarded highly significant and trustworthy, therefore more likely to be relevant to users. This is also the basis of the game of Ranking your page in Google Index. If someone really want to hurt your page rankings.

How to cope linkspam?

As per google notification now If you’ve ever been caught up in linkspam, you may have seen a message in Webmaster Tools about “unnatural links” pointing to your site. Google send you this message when they see evidence of paid links, link exchanges, or other link schemes that violate our quality guidelines. If you get this message, it is recommended that you remove from the web as many spammy or low-quality links to your site as possible. This is the best approach because it addresses the problem at the root. By removing the bad links directly, you’re helping to prevent search engines from taking action again in the future.

This ways you’re also helping to protect your site’s image, since people will no longer find spammy links pointing to your site on the web and jump to conclusions about your website or business. Watch the video for more details…

Source: Google Webmaster

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